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Prejudice April 23, 2009

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Pride or not, Prejudice is in your face.

You experience it, either as a victim(heavy word) or exhibit it yourself 🙂

I sometimes ask my peers –What did you think of me the first time we met?

How different is that opinion now?

Try it out, a very interesting experiment!

This happened to me with a friend, he thought I was only good at senseless arguments (read –> a feminist view) and I dismissed him saying he was judgmental but we actually got to know each other better during an academic event and I have the utmost respect for him today. He gave me a lot of inspiration regarding Open Source 🙂

(Ok, Why would their opinion matter is completely a different issue :D)

Was having this discussion with a friend about what we thought about a common friend the first time we met him and something radically different came up from what we actually think of the guy now. True, most of the times. Is it the way we are programmed? Are first impressions always the best and the toughest to make? How long do they take to change?

How many more times would you need to meet the person to be convinced about what the person actually is versus the first impression.

A says people who judge him on the basis of his antics annoy him. Once you get to know A better you would probably respect him and look upto his powerhouse of talent rather than his antics grabbing attention.

B says Kannada movie songs are nothing great since he saw one or two videos where the girls were simply eyecandy. Let’s show him Annavaru‘s stuff then let him talk (rather shut up in silence) ,I say !

Prejudices are inevitable. Need to look at them with an open mind and always watch out for the second and third impressions too!

PS: This is strictly my opinion and while many may argue that they are fairly non-judgmental and not prejudiced, I believe it’s pretty humane! There is never a NULL opinion about any person whom you meet.

Comeback Post! April 17, 2009

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I  took my license test about 2 weeks ago and I can now officially drive around namma Bengalooru or anywhere around India.

Nice, one task completed, few more begin. I have been caught up, with a whole lot of things and I have forgotten to breathe, ok rather blog!

I have forgotten the number of times I’ve drafted my “come back” post but in vain 😦

Too much happening in life and I’m busy running the marathon rather than stopping to gulp down a glass of glucose water. I miss the B-O-Sphere too much and here I am, back!

Reema, Thank you for mentioning me one of those on a break, I am safe and sound even after my driving lessons, don’t worry! Truly, it felt like I was on a long long break (: But now I’m back (I guess so!)

Coming Soon:

  • A complete revamp of Megyaan (Yeah even I’m bored with everything on my blog,the colour scheme,theme everything,needs a revamp)

  • Many more Expressions, Discussions, Vent out frustrations –More power to ME!

  • Regular updates

  • More polls

  • Feedback –Begins right now ! Please post in your comments .You guys should probably tell me what do you want to read more about ;here on my blog space ?let me know and I will start working on it .

No more good-byes 🙂

Post comments and let me know what do I need to write about ?

Learning to Drive February 16, 2009

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My life has been taking some significant U-Turns since the past month,some good ,some bad.

I am at the cross roads of life ,entering my final semester in Engineering and looking at the future,wondering if things shall be this rosy even later ! While a career is top priority ,there are also some more matters of the heart that I need to pay immediate attention to 🙂

Amongst all this mental choas ,I have also been learning to drive .

Joined classes at a local driving school about a week ago with my friend Shruthi.We are learning to drive a Santro 🙂 Fees is around 3k Including License (The school takes care of all the paperwork involved for getting the license and we must take the test in the Driving school’s car only)

Scenario is thus

Instructor #1 -A grandpa,who is shit scared .Thinks we girls will bang the vehicle into anything on the street.Holds the Steering wheel,Changes gears,Brakes ,does every god damn thing himself and we are just mere puppets not learning anything either .I was quiet for the first two days since we were not taught anything about gears ,it was just plain acceleration,steer and brake when required. But this guy wouldn’t even let us steer independently ! When i would begin to accelerate,he would always tell me to slow down,Frustrating! I had zero confidence to even take a turn/manouever the vehicle. And I was really pissed off since I would wake up at 6 am everyday to take these classes. I don’t even wake up that early during exams unless it is a really serious paper (which is a very rare occurrence indeed !)   “Not happening” ,we decided and went and spoke to the ‘Principal’ of the driving school,”We want a new instructor” ,we declared flatly and promptly a new one was assigned to us .

Instructor #2-A young guy with ample courage. We started driving with him today,I took the driving seat,adjusted my seat,mirrors ,Forgot to wear my seat belt(Oops!) Released the parking Brake,then turned in the key and he said STOP !You didn’t even check if the vehicle was in Neutral or not ?True,Then i came to neutral. Now began my nightmare ,Press the clutch,come to gear 1 and release the clutch very slowly and accelerate. Now these statements made me robotic and i took about 3 microseconds to first analyze and then act ! I pressed the clutch (Not hard enough,he corrected me !) then came to gear 1 ,there began my clutch-hate saga..I released the clutch at one go,A whirring sound,and silence,engine switched off.Damn,Then again i repeated the procedure several times in vain ,but not able to accomplish releasing the clutch only little and begin acceleration smoothly..I finally concentrated very hard and managed to do it. Then we took a U-Turn on a busy street and the instructor pointed out several mistakes during the 30 min class. He taught us to quickly change gears before and after taking a turn,When to brake,when to clutch+brake. I learnt more in today’s 30 min class rather than the previous 2 hr classes !

  • I am not showing any signals ,so people driving behind me might end up banging into me very soon.
  • I am obviously pathetic at releasing the clutch slowly and accelerating at that very instant with ease!
  • I am very stupid while taking decisions on road,I take a full 10 seconds to change gears and release the clutch with finesse 🙂
  • I am excellent at steering now ,only that when I am changing gears with my left hand ,The right hand makes the wheels of the vehicle move in any whimsical direction 😀

There are several things to look out for while driving .It’s a perfect example of co-coordinating your hands,feet,eyes and requires concentration . I know,this is just day 5 of my driving classes and this might really sound like an exaggerated story to those who have been driving for ages now. But if you look back at the first day you learnt to drive,how would you describe it ? 🙂

I still have 15 more classes of 30 minutes each to go in my driving sessions. I need to learn a whole lot of things such as parking ,Reverse and plenty of other stuff 🙂 Wish me luck !

PS: I have been having the worst “writer’s block” ever and been caught up with so many things that I am finding it difficult to blog ….I hate to take a break from writing but if I write only at this pace then I do not know what my readers would end up doing ? Throw me some gaalis guys,I shall get back to seriousness only then,trust me !

PPS: I have finally crossed the “ELUSIVE” 10,000 hits and currently on 16k hits 🙂 A big Thank you to all my readers 🙂 Keep visiting ,I promise to tone down the “gyaan” 😉

Quotable Quotes December 28, 2008

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Over the past month or two,I’ve been gathering a lot of profound thoughts from my daily conversations with people and feeling very motivational and  “gyaani” 🙂

Just thought should share them

  • “Music is the essence of life .Unsung melodies and smiles can be more powerful than an orchestra”
  • “One should speak English for business,French for seduction,German for engineering and Persian for poetry”   – This one’s from my Object Oriented Analysis and Design text book authored by Ali Bahrami
  • “A part of you has grown in me,and so you see it’s you and me …Together ,forever and never apart..Maybe in distance,but never in heart”   -Anonymous
  • “Can God open source relationships ? Or atleast provide tech support ? “
  • ” We are all destined to be just another face in each other’s Facebook profiles but hope it doesn’t come to that!”
  • “Life is beautiful since it is almost always perfectly not-so-perfect”
  • “Try looking at every problem as an opportunity and every opportunity as a challenge”

Which is your current favourite quote ?

The count-down to 2009 has begun but I am not interested in any celebrations thanks to exams,ugh!This is probably my last “studious” New year …

Have a great time reminiscing all the good and bad memories from 2008,Learn from your mistakes 🙂

Nov=Flex-ed ! December 14, 2008

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It’s finally happened,I’ve been bitten by the “proverbial” writer’s block …

There have been too many things happening in my life over the past month and usually I would love to share the experiences over my posts but suddenly,I seem to be aloof about what is happening around me …November was quite literally an “eventful” month.We attended a very interesting “Women in Technology “ conference conducted by IBM on the 3rd .

The major event which we all looked forward to was the “Flex Boot Camp” that happened on Nov 7th,8th .There was a lot of preparation that went into making this event a huge success 🙂

The event poster

Raghu and Bhavana have pretty much written everything about the event in their blogs ..but lemme narrate to you all, my side of the story 🙂

We realised the magnitude of people who will be involved in this event only after our first meeting with the guys(Raghu,Pravin,Ramesh) from Adobe . They were very clear about their agenda,the crowd numbers and hoped to reach out to a very wide student audience that would really enjoy learning,working on and exploring Flex .

It was decided that it would be an inter-collegiate event .So our first task was to publicize the event in as many colleges as possible and how did we do that ? Prateek took the task of drawing up a list of around 25 colleges . He categorised them zone-wise and we got about 4 zones.Each zone was assigned about 6 colleges. Then we decided to cover all the colleges in 3 days flat . Each one of us choose a particular zone and had to visit the respective colleges .

Armed with Posters,Publicity material,Event Schedules and a lot of enthusiasm,I set off with Suhas to visit 3 colleges on the first day . We went to Sapthagiri College of engineering .The college is a good 7-8 km (I suppose!) drive from MSRIT . We reached Sapthagiri only to realise the students were busy writing internals ! There was no way we could go to each class and make announcements and take on-the-spot registrations..We spoke to the CSE,ISE and ECE Hod’s who offered great support and gave us their contact numbers to co-ordinate later .Once the event date drew closer,we got a record number of queries from Sapthagiri about the event ,making us realise that the teachers had lived upto their word of informing all the students about the event .

Our next stop was Sri Krishna Institute of Technology(SKIT) .I met a PUC friend of mine in the college and she helped me spread the word around .The first question that everyone wanted to know was “WHAT IS FLEX?” Lemme admit here,even I did not know anything much about flex,except for these statements that were kinda like my USP —”Flex is a frame-work for developing Rich Internet Applications.Adobe in association with MSRIT is conducting a Flex Boot Camp on the 7th n 8th of November at MSRIT.It is a 2 day event,On day 1,there will be an entire walkthrough on Flex,complete with demonstrations,tutorials and working,end of day1 is the test,after which 100 students will be screened through for a Contest on day2.At the Contest ,students would be expected to develop a Flex application.Prize money is 30,20 and 10k along with lunch,breakfast.Tshirts and goodies also to be given to all participants! “ I said this like a mantra non-stop for the 2 days that I visited all the colleges . I wanted everyone to give it a shot ,How will a student learn about new technologies if he doesnt explore such opportunities ,Right ?So I was literally like a sales-person talking non-stop about Flex for the 2 days 🙂 My final line to the students who were apprehensive about visiting MSRIT was “You just reach MSRIT,we shall take care of the rest!” The response from SKIT was phenomenal ! We got about 50 teams registered from all the 3 departments and the teachers were also interested in participating in the event.I was really thrilled at the response though there was a slight dilemma about how many people would actually turn up!

We visited Acharya Institute of Technolgy next and the same thing happened to us there ,as at Sapthagiri. Students were busy writing internals ,but the Hod’s made sure that they put up the posters on the notice board right in our presence .I was satisfied that atleast everybody could take a look at it and check out the website .Yeah,this site is something I would never forget “http://www.msritflexbootcamp.eventbrite.com” .I also goofed up here by giving out Prateek’s number on all the posters to contact for any details . 2 days before the event,he was bombarded with calls and perplexed as to how his number had gotten through so many people ! I was the culprit 🙂 And I did apologise to him.

Day2 -Me,Bhavana,Suhas,Anmol and Mansa set off to visit 2 more colleges that are pretty farflung from where we all stay.Thanks to Anmol who is always ready to arrange conveyance at even the slightest notice !

We went to Dr.Ambedkar Institute of Technolgy,It’s a huge campus with lot of greenery and is pretty serene. Here we encountered a different problem,There was a FOSS event going on in their collge and most of the pre-final and final year students were attending it . We spoke to a teacher there who graciously allowed us to talk about the event to a crowd of nearly 200 students,Direct marketing ! I took the mike and rattled off my USP 🙂 Best part,people dedicatedly wrote down the website and even registered later. We also managed to find a student- Angelica who would later co-ordinate with us.I must admit Angelica did a great job of informing all the students about the event and was directly responsible for the fantastic crowd that turned up from Dr.AIT.

Last stop was East West Institute of Technology. 2 of my cousins are currently final year students there and so I was pretty happy to visit the college. Again ,the same story of internals 😦 but we managed to go to most of the classrooms and personally talk to students about the event and take down some registrations 🙂 Exhausted we left and called it a day.

The next task was to feed all the on-the-spot registrations onto the site,Narendra did most of this work 🙂 I shot off a mail to all the students who had registered with me about the event details since I had their e-mails.

There was a lot more mayhem that happened after this,Registrations exceeded the number of seats available and we got a lot of panic calls.Angelica from Dr.AIT was really worried if all the students from her college would be able to partcipate .Thanks to Bhavana who pressed the Panic button and Raghu,from Adobe, in turn increased the number of seats to another 100.

What follwed was absolute mayhem on the day of the event .To read about what actually happened at the event,Visit Bhavana’s blog and Raghu’s blog

This event will remain one of my best memories at MSRIT .We learnt a lot about Organising,co-ordinating,Marketing,Problem-solving,Made new friends,Met a whole lot of talented people . Also look forward to a continued association with Adobe .Harish,Raghu,Anirudh,Sujith,Anand,Ramesh and Ananth lived upto all the expectations from the students and interacted non-stop for 2 days with all the students.Everyone went back home with a 🙂 on their faces and <mx> in their heads .Day2 was an absolute delight to watch with the students asking questions non-stop while building apps and the entire team from Adobe guiding them with a lot of enthusiasm .Congratulations to CMRIT who emerged Champions bagging the First and Third places while Global Institute of Technology won the second place.Three cheers !Thanks to all our teachers,HOD and Shashidhar Sir for giving the task of organizing this event to the Ignite Team once more 🙂

PS:The only sad part being I was compering in one hall and could only get to understand what was happening on stage in bits and pieces thanks to the umpteen calls and complete confusion 🙂 I’m pretty much making up for it now,Have been trying out some very cool Air app’s and there is this really awesome site called babbel.com built entirely on Flex which blew me away.Do check it out !

Eye Donation November 15, 2008

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Cross posted on YU

This song moves me to tears every time I hear it

One of the most inspiring songs ever ..
I would never be happy in my life if I couldn’t do anything worthwhile to make the visually impaired smile for at least a day …

When will i just stop thinking and do something about it …I don’t know …

Signing off with another video ,Pledge your eyes,it’s probably the most selfless act to do.

Pledge online .You can also donate,buy greeting cards through EBAI‘s site

Do see this site –www.ebai.org

Isn’t it wonderful to be able to give someone the gift of sight ?

Polldaddy and Powercuts November 11, 2008

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Checking out WP’s Polldaddy feature,This is my first poll for all you guys 🙂 Happy Voting !

The unscheduled powercuts @my area in Bangalore are annoying me totally these days .Today there was no power from 6:30-9:30 pm and all I did was catch up on sms’es and phone calls. What else can i do to kill time?Any ideas ? Are you facing power problems in your area too?

Blame it on the energy crisis or our dependence on electricity ,I dunno. All i know is it is extremely irritating and makes me sit idle for hours! I wrote this post when there was power and before could hit the “Save” button,All lights out 😦

God,Hear my prayers and gift me an UPS 🙂

Exams in a month so I think its time to get those candles and the emergency lights out !

PS:I held a guitar for the first time today (only strummed it very naively) and i loved the feeling,God,please grant me another wish !

Ubuntu-ed! November 9, 2008

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Evangelising open source at 2 events in college

Feeling extremely hypocritical about simply preaching and not practicing something that I strongly believe in…

Ordering a Cd on ubuntu.com

Installing Ubuntu 8.04 on my laptop…

Getting to work with the basics and letting out shreaks of delight on discovering a whole new world that is much safer,faster and cooler than Windows XP/Vista or whateva !

Getting stuck miserably at some applications…

(I did not know Root Login was locked in Ubuntu,I spent hours trying to figure out how to login as root,wanted to run Xampp as root,but then decided to change ownership for only the files that required me to have root ownership)

Googling 4 an answer, Tearing my hair out and then the bliss of having tamed the problem!

Getting hooked on to Ubuntu, rather Addicted  😉

This, ladies and gentlemen is being Ubuntu-ed  😀


Song:Meri dost from Yuvraaj !

So,what is Ubuntu ? find out more here

PS:Pardon my absence from the sphere for such a long time,been stuck up with various things in life and thoroughly enjoying being a part of too many things !

Stay good all of you and have a great week ahead !

Swat’s Quirk+Hyperlink Tag October 25, 2008

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Swat has tagged me with a pretty interesting topic,the problem is that I have been reading people’s answers to the same tag all over the b-o-sphere and I unbashedly decided to copy or rather cut and paste the quirks that i think I have in common with others, I know I’m just plain lazy but hey Its ME 😉

My sincerest apologies to anyone if I offended you by pasting content right from your posts without asking your permission ! I have given a pingback hoping I’ll be forgiven (flashing my sweetest smile now )

I suffer from partial OCD. I have to wash the dishes which I use even when my mother has done them infront of my own eyes. My room can’t be too dirty. The cushions, shoes, combs etc have to be in their respective places, most of the time. So, yeah

This is my top most quirk too,I suffer from probably full blown OCD , The cushions have to be slanted 45 degrees on the sofa,the shirts have to be folded in a particular manner,flashy ear-rings are stored in a separate box,Dettol is my first crush,jeans have to be ironed ! Trash should never ever be thrown around,nobody can clean the puja room at home except me,nobody dares wash expensive crockery at home (u know why!),phew,I can go on and on but its something that I truly identify with for being a quirk!

Of late, I have become very moody. I remember a day when I cried for a long time due to something, and within seconds, I was back to normal! Dunno how it works, but hey, its one of my quirks (rhymes, doesn’t it?! So that is my next point -P )

Yes,we all have mood swings but mine have been getting out of control these days. Also,how long can one blame PMS ! I’m angry one moment,laughing the next,arguing the next and crying out and forgetting all about it.Also i have developed this annoying habit of cribbing non-stop about every silly thing these days,God bless my dah-ling pals who bear all my crib rant !

When having ice-cream in a cup I like to melt it a little bit first and then eat.

I tried to gulp down a solid block of Vanilla Ice-cream and almost began choking even before I knew all the flavors by heart.Being cautious I follow Reema’s quirk even today but it applies to not just ice-cream in a cup but even to cones and candies,I wait till it melts !

I clear all spam mails in my 6 mail accounts, all of which i check regularly if not daily.

I’ll say Same pinch San,since I do this too ! I get irritated when i see my inbox/spam/trash folder not being empty,I even delete trash oh-so-often.Waste of bandwidth but I’m quirky u see ..

I am patient enough to do 1000 or more pieces jigsaws, separate a mixture of toor and chenna dal (a kg each) but am way too impatient when it comes to knowing what is up in my life!

This is a line straight out of my life. I can patiently arrange 98 tiny dolls in the showcase but ask me where my life is headed and all you will get from me is verbal assault that simply means “i dunno! Any problem”

The best for the last – yesterday, I realized I wasn’t single anymore. It isn’t quirky, I know, but I just felt like sharing it. She’s going to read this for sure, so I’ll just say this, “I love you!!” [Yeah, it’s fun to see The Love Guru blushing, isn’t it? That’s why I’m not posting any photos!]

No comments !

That’s it guys 🙂

I once again apologise for copying stuff,seriously I know its wrong ! but i’m too tempted since I have many quirks in common with all you guys 🙂 Love u all!

And yes of course,Have a safe and happy Diwali !

Chennai 3 October 13, 2008

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Wats with me n Chennai 🙂 some strange magnetic bond that makes me visit again n again ? Was there for my 3rd visit this year with family .

Left on 4th Oct by the Airavat Bus to Chennai,back on the 7th morning

The Airavat/Volvo buses are just about ok,I would anyday prefer Shatabdi trains over the buses,since they cost around the same and the volvo’s seating is just about ok …I couldnt sleep in peace thanks to the Antartic-like AC ,I dont understand,is it not possible to design/control AC’s to maintain the right temperature in a bus? Why do they have to make us shiver like we are going to a hill station or somethin!

This trip was eventful,I went back to Pothy‘s again 😉 and we also went to Saravana Stores this time.OMG!This place is always swarming with people,I was shocked by the sheer number of people thronging the store and that too on a Monday evening!Statistically Chennai is roughly about 2 times bigger than Blore and has about 4 times a greater population!PHEW ….since the car we hired got a flat tyre,we even managed to get to Tnagar by autos !

PS: I saw this review about Saravana stores here and its hilarious 🙂 Enjoy
Got some unique pics this time

Cute bakra

Cute bakra that I spotted

Our car tyre-Tussss

Our car tyre-Tussss


Crab@Marina Beach

Star fish@Marina Beach

Star fish@Marina Beach

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