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Sweat,Silks and Saravana Bhavan July 24, 2008

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Three things synonymous with a place called Chennai

Had been there from the 16th to the 19th (July!) with just one agenda in mind.


Yes, cousin’s wedding nearing soon and we were there to shop for sarees. The choice, range and variety enthralled us .Starting at ten am every morning we would explore the nook and corner of all possible stores on Tnagar .

1st day –RMKV-decent variety but bad pricing so a thumbs down later we went to Pothy’s ,landed at the right place .We shopped till we dropped buying sarees for all our relatives and this store has 6 floors and a saree for any budget –from 1k to 100000 !Next stop Nalli’s ,which is also a place with a lot of old world charm 😀 and lovely silks.

2nd day-Pothy’s again (: but also explored Kumaran’s and The Chennai Silks ,all a thumbs down.My recommendation for temple jewelery @ Chennai would be Sukra Jewellers,Check out their site. I bought some nice stuff here too:)

3rd day-packed,went to Narayan Pearls ,they have like a dozen outlets in Tnagar alone !

Caught the Shatabdi back home n reached Blore at about 10:45 p.m.

The heat wave was bad while we were at Chennai but somehow did manage thanks to A/C cars 😉 lol . I shiver in AC cars here in Blore 🙂

One thing that completely mesmerized me while we were at Pothy’s ,there was the Aadi(Aashada)sale going on and the place was completely jam packed,even in the expensive sarees section,the crowd remained monstrous,the women always liking a saree that someone else had already selected and then making a run for it if the other party rejected it.Staff members keeping an eye out for people who are suspicious characters.Me asking for coffee a hundred times before it came to me in a small cup at the store,the crowd resembling a fish market,the vegetable counter where Pothy’s gave away 4 apples for a purchase of 10k,a vegetable packet for every purchase of 1k and so on.. these scenes will remain etched in my pea brain 😀

Saravana bhavan is a fab place for lunch and dinner.i love the ambience,quality of food and service there.they have like a zillion branches and if you do visit Chennai do not miss their Mini Idlis 🙂 which is available only at their speciality restaurants if I am right !

So here I am back now,recovering from a sore throat ,thanks to drinking water ,juice,coffee,tea everything possible while @ Chennai ,so been a bit lazy on the blog-o-sphere . will get back to normal in a few days..

Till Then

Sweat,Silks and Saravana remains a sweet memory 🙂 Vannakam ,BTW I bought a Pattu pavadai after a long long time this while @ Chennai:)

PS: The power cuts back here @ Blore are so annoying !!!



1. arvind - July 24, 2008

lol ..the title makes lot of sense ..
ooh i hate going to mambalam..i try to be away until its some special occasion..the crowd there is just impossible…like millions of insects..
Pothy’s is better ..if u go to saravana stores… u would die of suffocation 😀
SARAVANA bhavan is just awesome and as u said its just expanding .. now even abroad.
I always feel that TNAGAR is women dominated area 😦 all saree shops or jewellery’s ones 😦

2. nick - July 24, 2008

I always wonder why women are so fascinated by shopping?! 😀 ….maybe its the same way as some men are addicted to cricket…hmmm…T Nagar seems to be the most popular locality in Chennai…keep hearing about it from whoever goes there! That Saravana Bhavan pic is awesome btw! 🙂 …my mouth is already watering 😛

3. Sakhi - July 25, 2008

I have been to poty’s and Nali’s.. awesome place for silks… I love silks of all kind and binni silk and raw khadi silk is my favourite!

🙂 glad you enjoyed!

4. dinu - July 25, 2008

sweat sweat …….. I was worried about it when I got placed there.. I dint join 😀

5. chilledbeer - July 25, 2008

Its been ages since I’ve been to T Nagar… Nice post anyways…

6. kaling - July 25, 2008

Chennai story again ,ho i love it,

7. Reema - July 25, 2008

😀 nice post!! Why shopping in chennai and not bangalore? is it cheaper there?

P.S. Boo hoo u have not added me on ur blog roll or bombat blogs either. 😦 😦

8. Reema - July 25, 2008

I mean the one on bombat one is old url 😦

9. megcloud9 - July 26, 2008


yes,mosquitoes is an apt term to describe the crowd 🙂 and man,the spirit of Chennai is impossible,ladies want to buy stuff even when it is 40 deg outside 🙂 T nagar is a paradise for women i agree hehehe 😀


visit T nagar once:) but majorly the saree shops and jewellery stores are what are interesting there ! thanks u ,it is channa batura from Saravana bhavan 🙂

oh,binny silk is not really available these days 😦 i like raw silk too ! chennai rocks for silks 🙂


good decision 😉

@chilled beer

thanks man 🙂

yes,enjoy the post mister 😛

yes,it is considerably cheaper. especially sarees,i felt there was quite a huge price difference. and i have updated the blog roll now 🙂

10. Nikhil - July 28, 2008

Heheheh!!! I’m going to chennai in august sometime and i’m glad i read this! I won’t shop for sarees, of course! 😀

11. Priya - August 1, 2008

You went to Channi for shopping ?!! 😮

WHOA !! You must have had real fun doing ‘your thing’ !! 😛

That poori looks so yummy…

P.S. – Sorry for late comment! Had testssss !!

But hey ! I did real all your posts ! 🙂 Yay!! Cheers !!

12. megcloud9 - August 1, 2008


buy dhotis for urself not sarees 😛 from Chennai


yeah,chennai for shopping 🙂 me giving you innocent looks 🙂

poori alla ,adu channa batura 😛

yeah,really miss u on the blogosphere out here 😦

13. Priya - August 3, 2008

Poori…Batura…same difference !! As long as it tastes good !! 😀

14. RJ - August 5, 2008

@Megs – 2 years back I was shopping in TNagar during Diwali and damn it was super crazy. People were killing each other over clothes. I prolly know most of the stores you mentioned here but my fav is Saravana Bhavan 😉 I love the juice they serve outside the restaurant (the roadside juice)

Damn, whats with you and food – did you look at that hogging looks? 😀

eppadi irruke?

15. megcloud9 - August 5, 2008


kill u man,food evokes the killer instinct in me u know 😛

and yeah tnagar during d day itself was like a circus,imagine during the night!

16. RJ - August 5, 2008

@Megs – I can see the killer instinct 😛

17. Chennai 3 « Megyaan - October 13, 2008

[…] trip was eventful,I went back to Pothy’s again and we also went to Saravana Stores this time.OMG!This place is always swarming with […]

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